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This is my second creation so do not comment (that) badly! This is modern-time cities built by me (Lord_Ackebacke). I haven´t put furniture in the houses yet, so there is nothing in them. Note that this is just a beta update! Beta update features: 1. 2 new cities! 2. A underwater hotel. 3. Added railroad on some of the roads. 4. Finished some of my first roads. 5. 2 new easter-eggs to find! Have fun!

modern-citys *BETA UPDATE*
Cake_ - - 86 comments

Mate, you shouldn't say "my second upload". Also, please work on
your grammar/punctuation
your map
the time of day you screenshot.

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ackebacke Author
ackebacke - - 7 comments

I am 13 years old... so you can´t really blame me :/
Im not even english!

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