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This is my first map I ever made on minecraft and now I'm uploading it complete with: A railroad stretching from 1 house to another. A small mostly explored mine next to the starting house A storage room under the first house A tiny underwater house (to get to it go on the mine track and there will be a cobblestone bridge leading to an island you cant miss it) A second house with an iron door in to it. Somewhere out there on an island is the first mine I ever discovered but soon I decided to move on in to another island but if you find it it contains tons and tons of diamonds and materials but its pretty far I actually tried sailing around to find it no luck you can go and try to find it though.

Smosh world omnomnom
architectts - - 790 comments

How does this have anything, anything at all, to do with The Chief.

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ogggrez - - 76 comments

I was expecting a huge statue of The Chief.

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RainieRooth - - 118 comments

Portal fan?

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AyCe - - 242 comments

Another one of these?

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Mastacheif_1 Author
Mastacheif_1 - - 2 comments

Sorry guys I put the name in wrong

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Mastacheif_1 Author
Mastacheif_1 - - 2 comments

There changed it to smosh world omnomnom because that is the name of the map itself I'm a newbie

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MalekTaktak - - 178 comments


Count how many times he used the word "small" in his description.

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Blamtroid - - 985 comments

...once? XD

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SteveZombie - - 3,730 comments

I counted, what now?

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TheSuperNova - - 259 comments

Stop uploading stuff like this

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RainieRooth - - 118 comments


Newbies often well, its hard to say: upload their first world and those is sometimes bad made and easy to complete.

Sometimes it is boring to get all those updates on my profile.

So, 6/10

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TrashCan-Man23 - - 683 comments

Hm could be interesting if I took a closer look, but looks like you did build something that wasn't cubed shaped or made completely out of dirt - I'll give you credit for that, meanwhile from your description, like I said, could be interesting.

5/10 from the screenshot itself.

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Womit - - 45 comments

smosh... Youtube.com

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