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This is a lowpoly G36C, made for games like Assault Cube, Quake, or Cube. NOTE: Due the missing UV unwrap, this is just good as a hudgun model, and not as a wold model!

Lowpoly G36C
Admiral_Nemo - - 5,294 comments

Nice =)

For anyone that doesn't know how to install custom hudguns, do like this:

Put your custom hud guns folder in the models ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Sauerbraten\packages\models") folder. Make sure each weapon folder has the name of its standard counterpart. For example, this model probably should be the chaingun so the folder must then be named "chaing" if it isn't already.

In this particular case you might have to rename the folder Assault to "chaing" for it to work in Cube 2.

Then just launch Sauerbraten and when ingame, type the command "/hudgunsdir "yourfolder".

A note for the maker/uploader, please include a Read Me file with your model that also explains how to install the model when it is not a self-extracting archive.

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Dementium4ever Author
Dementium4ever - - 368 comments

Ok, I'll do this :)

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