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That Horzine lot have lost communication with an oilrig in the North Sea that they have been operating. No Communications from the rig for a few days now. We just know that they have been upto all sorts of dubious experiments out there. They thought they were safe, away from prying eyes. And now it looks like they may have lost control of what they were doing. Get in there and sort it out !

Killing Floor Oilrig ( KF-Oilrig_b1 )
NoxiousGhoul - - 43 comments

Killing Floor Oilrig ( KF-Oilrig_b1 )

Visuals (texture quaility/map design) [7/10]
+Amazing size! Plenty of room to stretch your legs and kill specimens in a multitude of locations.
+Love the vertical aspects of this map, and it's pretty rare that mappers use height in maps.
-Some recycled textures, and an overall "been here, seen that" feel to most of the map.
- Wish I could go lower on the map! Maybe in a future version?

Gameplay (Trader Locations/Combat Flow) [8/10]
+Not a lot of "overpowered" camping locations
+Good use of props to block line of sight, creating some “oh ****...” moments.
-The spawn point is probably the best camping spot... But is hard to travel back to from some trader locations.
-Need some visual ques to were the trader will be.

Technical (Broken locations/textures/pathing/spawns) [9/10]
+Little to no "broken" locations on the map
+Great Specimen Spawnpoints and pathing!
+Good framerates.
-One "glitch location" that I found...

Verdict: [8.0] Good map! (needs a little work)
I will recommend this map to my friends for sure.

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AKA_ricky Author
AKA_ricky - - 1 comments

Hi NoxiousGhoul, thanks for the review of the map. Sounds like you have enjoyed playing it. Beta 2 should be out soon.

Could you drop me a PM with details of where the glitch location is, that you have found? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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