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Degeneration is back, new and improved. Now with a new name KFS-Raccon International Airport. THIS MAP IS THE SINGLE PLAYER ONLY. MULTIPLAYER AND WAVED BASED ARE LOCATED ON THE MAIN PAGE.


I rated this map a 8 out of 10.

Technical [1.0/2.0] Specimen pathing, little or no glitches/bugs.
For some reason the Clots at the beginning of the map seem to 'slide' making them much faster than the normal Clots base speed.

Flow [1.5/1.5] Overall play flow of the map.
The map flow is unique in this map due to a "tracked" game play. Though it is well done with a simple run shoot wait for door to open, shoot run style of gaming.

Polish [0.5/1.5] Overall polish of the maps' visuals.
I glad to see many visual improvements to this map, seeing that you toned down the fire effects. Though I was upset to see that you took out the storm/lightning effects, I thought that it was a mistake to take these effects out of the scene.

Balance [1.0/1.5] No overpowered camping spots, able to fight in a multitude of spots.
Again this map is unique in that it doesn't really allow you to choose where you fight, you are forced to fight in these predetermined locations.

Theme [2.0/2.0] Overall Focus of the maps' theme.
Again... you have outdone yourselves and made a amazing visual theme to this map. I was swept away by the amazing visuals of the airport.

Originality[2.0/1.5] Will award this point for original play features.
Truly an original game play experience in the Killing Floor game. Single player isn't a thing a lot of mappers have tried to tackle, yet you keep at it, and I hope to see the next installment to the series.

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KiCk3R Author

Thank you for your Review :)

Just a quick response to some of your feedback.

I had to remove the lightening in the background due to some peoples machines dieing with the light flicker :(. It was a cool feature, but it used a HUGE resource.

The clots that seem to slide on their feet is a funny one. There is a reason for this. :)
I made them walk faster than you can run. So they will catch up. Kinda looks abnormal. I should of removed it out, but its there for lulz.

I have not had much feedback from most about this map, so listening to this was good. Thank you :D

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Apart from a few early stutters in the entrance lobby, I had a very fun time throughout and found the SP experience cool. A big performance increase on previous builds and removing the lighting didn't effect the overall ambiance. The extra additions and retexturing all make this a much more solid build.

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i loved resident evil degeneration and this map brings back that awesome feeling the movie gave RE fans. THANK YOU! i would LOVE to see more RE styled maps from you in the future!

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it doesnt work-.-

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