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In the center of this map there is a wide open defendable area that spans out to 6 different mazes with a trader at the end. At the end of each wave everyone must try to find there way back to the center or fend off the zeds with low visibility in the maze if they don't make it back in time.

Markoman_98 - - 34 comments

Gameplay: 4/10
Layout wise, it's just an empty map, since the crop field only blocks vision. Although initially cool the gimmick wares off once EDARS and Husks blast you from across the fields. You could've placed a farmhouse or barn or a tree for shade or an area cleared out with a small hay-stack hill to climb on or just any form of an obstacle.

Presentation: 5/10
It does get the job done with it's theme, but it still feels empty and boring with nothing other than a center area and the maze alone.

Overall Score 4.5 (5 on ModDB)

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