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Step into the cold mountains of The Library, A place of science and history well... at-least it used to be. The staff of the library always had to face the problems that came with the extreme cold and the wildlife that lurks around looking for prey. As a result a greenhouse and many research bunkers were placed by yours truly horzine corporation. but things didn't get any better at all ... far from it. Well what are you waiting for a good read? Time to make history!


This map is perfect.
It's massive, so learning to navigate it at first can make it a bit of a challenge, but there's plenty of space and pathways to navigate through.
If you take the time to learn the layout of the map, it's an incredibly fun map to play on. Easily one of my favorites.

It did (or maybe still does?) have framerate issues in some areas, like the lobby entrance of the map and one of the halls leading outside (to the right of the lobby entrance if you're facing inside it). I upgraded to a new computer so I'm not sure if those areas are still a problem or not.
This is one map I really hope makes it into the base game.

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Arnold_Merks Author

Hi MrRogers,

Thank you so much for your comment it means allot to me!

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Sure thing! If I was in charge of the contest, this map would definitely get first prize.
There are other maps I absolutely love (Subduction/Sanitarium), but they're very difficult maps, especially for newbies. This map is simply perfect with the spacing, the look and the spawning.
I'd be completely shocked if this map didn't make it in the top 3 (or hell, even the top 2).

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Gameplay: 10/10
Big layout, but not too hard to learn with the help of signs and distinctive areas. Offers many pathways and enough various space sizes for various perks. Collectibles could've been done a bit better (for a whole min i find none, just to then in the next room find 5 within 10 sec), dosh zones are great.

Presentation: 9/10
The library and areas around it look believable and at times gorgeous, but very few things throughout don't feel as convincing as they could be...

Overall Score 9.5/10 (10 on ModDB)

If you'd like to see how this map was reviewed or how you did compared to the others go here:


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Arnold_Merks Author

Hi marko,
thanks for the amount of effort you put into reviewing all the maps!
And for the critical feedback you've given me it helps allot!

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