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The United States were keeping their eyes on Europe as it was being overtaken by so called “Specimens”. As word spread that this attack had reached to the United States panic set in, people begin to board up their homes, businesses, and even their dog houses fearing for the worst. Even though they saw the warnings and the horror that devastated London they still weren’t properly equipped for the ensuing battle. The little time they had to set up defenses was not sufficient. The “Specimens” were smart they avoided the large cities and invaded smaller towns in the Eastern United States one by one. Now it’s up to the six of you to take the suburbs back!

arramus - - 206 comments

I like:

The zombie spawner locations. The zombies jump down from roofs/window openings and give their entrance a context.

The cemetery frags. The zombies die in the coolest ragdoll positions when they fall on to grave stones.

The layout mixes open and closed areas with thematic zones.

Lighting and texturing does the job well. It's a night scene but sufficiently lit and complements gameplay.

I'm a little concerned about:

The blocking collision around some of the props, e.g. No go areas have collision too far away from the object they are blocking and it feels like stepping on a garden fork and being slapped in the face.

The door movement is a little off in places. You can see the doors come off their hinges during the open/close animations.


Well worth adding to a server rotation.

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