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You can't escape this place, the only thing you can do is defending this area and surviving.

NoxiousGhoul - - 43 comments

I gave this map 9 out of 10. I thought it was very well done, specimen pathing was good, and there was good map flow. I love the underground labs’ walk in freezer; you did a great job on the fog that prevents you from seeing farther than about a few yards. I did notice that the one trader door in the military truck outside never opened, I only play a medium length game, but that one door never opened. Not sure if I just didn’t play the map long enough or if that’s a bug. Also I kept wishing that more doors would open up to new sections of the map seeing as I had such a fun time exploring this map.

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Mr.RoBoT Author
Mr.RoBoT - - 45 comments

thx for feedback, and dont worry about it.. that trader in the truck opens :]

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arramus - - 206 comments

Hi Robot. Streets was one of the first custom maps for this version of KF to appear on the servers and it was also very helpful for mappers to learn their way around the game properties and fundamentals.

This expanded version is very cool as well and the underground area brings a whole new dynamic to the map. It also gives the Patriarch a place to run and hide to heal himself when he's taking a beating from above (I've seen him disappear down the rabbit hole and it was amusing).

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