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I tried to create bright but scary evinroment, wich had to be hard enough to veteran players who has seen all kinds of map evinroments. This one is inspired by alien movies and other game evinroments as well, point was to make it different than other maps iv´e seen this far

SfcRock - - 292 comments

Really glitchym the elevators are suicide so not the best way of tansportation. map is way too big and can get lost too easily. out of 10 id give this a 2.

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arramus - - 206 comments

The elevator certainly does provide moments of amusement both to the detriment of the bots and to yourself.

I think every colour of the spectrum has been supported in this map's lighting with some unusual and interesting results. It's like a kaleidoscope of terror in there.

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Turboz85[FIN] Author
Turboz85[FIN] - - 12 comments

Sorry about elevator, but i started map making about tree weeks ago and point was to make this map for competition but time runned out,i did this for approx 90:n hours, and it is my first map ever made for any game, and version 1.0 final is coming out in 2 weeks and it will be lot better with new functions and spaces and lots of more zombies etc...

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Turboz85[FIN] Author
Turboz85[FIN] - - 12 comments

Final map release is downloadable in here moddb
link = Indiedb.com

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