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Back in 1980's Silo Seven was a military base with a fully operational nuclear missile silo. In 1994 it was shutdown due to emergency. Reason is yet unknown as all information was classified, although base itself went dead it was never abondened. Perimeter within a kilometer was heavy guarded and zone was strictly off limit. Nowadays as zeds roam the world and all military forces either was destroyed or left it's posts, Silo Seven was abandoned and left for nothing but a ghost of the past. Until few days ago when Horzine decided to move their mobile base carrying important research and supplies into the abandoned military base. #KF2newgrounds

Markoman_98 - - 34 comments

Gameplay: 10/10
It's so big the surface area and the underground area feel like 2 small maps, but it's because of how well they were connected it just works.Various open and tight areas fit almost any play-style, Dosh zones were great and decent collectibles.

Presentation: 10/10
Areas are well defined, the occasional desert storm isn't distracting, truly looks like an official map. Hits the theme of an abandoned silo found again.

Overall score: 10/10

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