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This is my first map. Was a great learning experience. I hope you enjoy. It has a little of everything for everybody. The main room is big with catwalks on it. There are side hallways for people fight in and some rooms if you want to hold out in. I built this map with Hard and Suicidal in mind. Map Name: Silo-Of-DespairV2 Author: =TCH=THEDDLE Description of map: Underground Silo Map Download/Download Size: 2.91 zip.

arramus - - 206 comments

Not a biggie but while there's still time can you go to the top and side window while the shop volume up top is selected, right click near the trader and use the Pivot function to place the small red pivot mark near the trader. This will ensure your distance reduces properly as you near the trading goal point.

Thanks for not letting the tractor kill players or zombies. :)
For a first effort you've pretty much got the basics in place and this map will complement a server rotation for sure.

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THEDDLE - - 14 comments

Thank you for the comments Arramus. I look forward to releasing my next one. I am putting a lot more work into it. Since I have learned more. Every day I learn something new. Someone should make a manual of all the tricks. That would be nice to have. I hope some day to be able to make my own custom meshes.

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