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Shadow Zone was a private bunker of one of the important Horzine scientist. Few years ago it was upgraded for a special purpose of a experiment. After the outbreak Shadow Zone was immediately shut down and all the activity were frozen until recently it send a signal of being fully operational and working. #KF2newgrounds

mrrogersbestneighbor - - 31 comments

This map is MASSIVE. I love massive maps, it looks fantastic, great amount of detail put into it.
But there is one major problem. Long loops made from either long hallways/rooms or a bunch of hallways rooms that connect to form a loop. It makes it a lot more difficult to play on Hell on Earth as those loops make it really easy to get sandwiched by zeds.

Edit: Played the map a few times and found it to not be as bad as I originally thought it'd be. But does have a bit too many long loops.

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mrrogersbestneighbor - - 31 comments

For some reason it won't update my vote. Not a 6/10 by any means. I tried to change it to an 8/10.
It's absolutely a gorgeous map, but it'd be a nightmare trying to lead a team through it safely on the higher difficulties (On maps like these I'll find a kite path and spam "FOLLOW ME" to lead people through it).
Playing solo, it's definitely one of the funnest maps to play (and more difficult). But playing this map with a team would be pretty damn hard with all the outer loops. It's difficult to find a kite path where there isn't a risk of being sandwiched pretty hard/overrun very quickly.

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Markoman_98 - - 34 comments

Gameplay: 8/10
The layout is a bit complicated in places and can be kind off hard to learn. The entrance is needlessly long and there are a few dead spaces (areas I would probably never visit or even get forcefully pushed into by larger zeds). Dosh zones were alright, could place 5 or so more collectibles around. Nice challenging map

Presentation: 9/10
Very detailed, and very believable (exceptions for a very few areas that just need a bit more touched on). Some areas even looked gorgeous.

Overall Score 8.5/10 (9 on ModDB)

If you wanna know how the map was rated or how you did compared to others i made a list of all maps and their ratings here:

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