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Name: KF-RoadtoPerdition-Campaign Playable: Yes Whitelisted: Yes Authors: S281 & Fel Division of Work: S281: Map concept, terrain, geometry(buildings, detail, etc.), and custom textures (most) Fel: Game play(Zed's), Events(some cinematic and interactive), music, and additional detail Fixes for final: -Game play is now more balanced Map is divided into several files: The map file, a custom texture file, a sound file, and a music file. The reason for this: 1: To allow players with low end computers to be able to load and play the map ( A decent number of people were crashing due to the immense myLevel package) 2: There is a lot of custom content and Fel and I wanted it to be available to the community For install directions read the Readme text file. Map Description: Taking place during the Fall in America's mid west, players start out on a deserted country road on the outskirts of the City of Perdition. The

KF-RoadToPerdition (Mission Map)
Dnamro - - 167 comments

Thanks for this! Love the campaign style gameplay. The level looks great! The map is overwhelming for just 2 players (I planed it on a lan with someone else), even on beginner level. Had a hard time surviving until the door in the mountain tunnel opens, and could not make it past the sewer stand off even with the help of the chain gun. Also frustrating that there was only 1 set of combat armor. It would really help to have more combat armor at the beginning, and then in the sewer stand off. I bet this would be a blast with 6+ players.

There is a visual glitch before you get to the mountain tunnel, in the room of the house where the grenade launcher is located. You can see through part of a wall.

Thanks for all the hard work!

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