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Earlier this morning a call came in from dispatch notifying us that a top Horzine scientist was being pursued by police somewhere in the northern mountains. Then all went silent. Command deemed it necessary to fly in and investigate, despite the early morning fog and our pilot's objections. Looks like he was right, our chopper went down in the forest near the highway. So now we're stranded, our pilot is dead, we've got no backup, and there's no way that howling sound is just the wind.

JustFilth - - 26 comments

Simply outstanding KF-MountainPass FTW

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vapidboris - - 3 comments

Very nice! I really enjoyed having all that room to breath. It made it somewhat easier, though that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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AlCool - - 3,112 comments

I feel this should have been a story map, or one to a set of them. It has that open feeling like there should just be endless clots coming from all directions. I played this map with clots only on suicidal ins andbox, letting up to 50 on map. It was pretty damned funny, but I still felt like there should have been something I should have been doing whilst out there.

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avp2501 - - 16 comments

i found a bug for you to fix. unless its intended of course.

you can climb on top of the vw camper and zombies pretty much can't touch you.

Add blockers over the wheels on the trailer and just above the trailer.

Very good map by the way, definately a nice change although i personally would have preffered this to be a night time map with camp fires etc.

PS. not many people can pull off a good day time map and you have definately made this map worthy of day time usage

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arramus - - 206 comments

Hi DrGuppy,

I appreciate the technical advice you gave me with a map I am working on and would like to offer the same courtesy. As this map is for the competition but still in beta I won't place the comments in here.

Even in beta form KF-MountainPass is outstanding and beyond the visual beauty, you've just got to love the way the bots launch themselves from the tree stumps. Intentional or unintentional it's in there now and really works well.

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DrGuppy Author
DrGuppy - - 3 comments

Thanks for the comments everyone. It's only a first beta so there are still things to be ironed out. It would probably make a good night map but almost all custom Killing Floor maps are either indoors, or at night so I wanted to do something different.

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chewmyheadoff - - 8 comments

Yes the graphics are very good, and models are probably flawless, but why oh why is it so dark. It's something that many mappers have which is making maps too darks. It looks like a cloudy day and that would have worked brilliantly with a lighter scene. It's very good for a first beta, but the level is a bit, well big. It's a trek to get from one place to the other, and it's easy to get away from monsters. I sound so negative don't I? Gawd I must be getting tired, it's nearly 1am. Well anyway in my eyes, positive comments don't help, it's the nasty ones that help improve. Don't think that I'm delibrately dissing your map, because there are more good things about it than bad things. The map has a lot of potential and I just want the final version to turn out great. :D

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THEDDLE - - 14 comments

Great map. Loved the lay out. I enjoyed playing it. Great job.

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RedBombs - - 4 comments

Very very nice map man, good job!

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Pardoned - - 33 comments

Awesome map, I gave it a wiki over at the kf map database site.

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luiz0regis - - 169 comments

great map

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