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Part 3 of a 6 part Map Pack with maps i've gathered over a month of searching. There are 187 maps in total and i've played a good majority of them and they are worth the download. You should have basic knowledge of adding maps and if not look it up its not hard and then add the maps and have fun. If you would like to game with me my steam name is doomgamer13. Again im just putting a random pic for each part so don't worry about it. Map List: 2009-10-08-KF-ParadisemallEast 2009-10-17-KF-THSv4 2009-10-19-KF-LOTD-Theater.1 2009-10-27-KF-Gilles-F 2009-11-02-KF-LabArena 2009-11-10-KF-HZ-Beta 2009-11-10-KF-Tunnel 2009-12-04-KF-Lila_PanicV3 2009-12-08-KF-RO-KrasnyiOktyabr 2009-12-13-dcf 2009-12-19-KF-Crystal-LakeV1-7a 2010-01-26-KF-Streetv3-FiX 2010-01-31-KF-DeltaLab 2010-03-08-AwesomeClotb4 2010-05-22-KF-STALKER-Prometheus 2010-05-29-KF-CabinWB 2010-05-29-KF-Harbor.1 2010-06-06-KF-Afghanistan 2010-06-14-KF-Constriction_V104 2010-06-17-KF-DarkOmenBETA3Redux 2010-06-26-highkeep Chack Descrip.

KF-Map Pack part 3
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i have changed my steam name to Nonamever13

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