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Welcome to high octane Hell! Can you survive the rush hour, dodging Zeds AND speeding cars? Jaywalkers will have you dancing your little feet off trying to stay alive in possibly one of the most intense Killing Floor 2 custom maps to date.

mrrogersbestneighbor - - 31 comments

This map is really fun, but somehow I doubt it'll win a prize :P.
Once you get the hang of dodging cars, it's easily one of the funnest maps. I've heard it described as a "server killer" (because of how difficult it is. If you have a full 6/6 group, likely most people will leave after a few waves).
Hopefully it wins one of the Non-Survival prizes. It's a really clever map. I'd love to see more game modes with obstacles to dodge (unlike the obstacles on say, Airship, which do like 10 damage at most).
The only thing that would make this map better is if instead of killing players (when hit by a car), it knocked out like half their health. It's not fun when everyone leaves the map because they're not familiar with it.

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mrrogersbestneighbor - - 31 comments

Just to add, I really hope this map does get a prize. I mean in terms of an objective mode, this map really adds whole new element to the game that makes it really fun.
It's only bad if it's your first few times playing this map. Once you become familiar with it or take some time to adapt to it on solo, it's ridiculously fun!
I'd love to see more maps with obstacles that kill players, rather than seeing obstacles that look like they'd kill players but only tickle them a little bit, like in the official maps.

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afriendlycow - - 1 comments

This map is old and updating recently dose not count. Tripwire wants a new map from you. Trying to cheat submitting this map like it's new.
Posted on Sep 14, 2017 @ 2:00pm
Updated on Mar 2 @ 10:14am

Screen Shot: I.imgur.com

Poof of link: Steamcommunity.com

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