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The map takes place on the Nuclear Icebreaker of Advanced Genetics lost in sea. There's a laboratory in it and a big outdoor.

kingshinobi - - 27 comments

Looks like a nice quallity map to be fair.. it got now a 4 rating i will give it a 10 just by screenshot :) Keep up the nice work. Peace

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avp2501 - - 16 comments

Absolutley Stunning - this is how i would have liked KF-Cargo to look, the atmosphere, movement and clever use of movers truely makes you feel like you are there. The only bit that spoils the visuals is the ForkLift with the corpse on since this didn't feel like it belonged.

Unfortunaly the bot pathing isn't very good, this seems to be the main downfall to all the really pretty maps and i hope that you keep working on it. There are many spots that i can simply stand on and the bots either ignore me or simply can't get to me.

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AJ_Quick - - 1,321 comments

this map is excellent, but here are some issues

1. Low resolution lightmaps - the shadows look blurry and ugly
2. Performance problems - Especially in the rain outside, my framerate dies.
3. Nausea from the Viewshaker. Its a nice idea, but it makes me feel kind of sick after playing too long, which isnt good.

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arramus - - 206 comments

You've pulled off a difficult task very well indeed. Good stuff.

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Colonel_Justice - - 4 comments

The main issue is the viewshaker. The rest is top-notch. No wonders that it spawned haters ;)

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THEDDLE - - 14 comments

Great job on this map. I love the visuals and the environment. I know this is your early version. So it can only get better. Keep up the good work. Use your prize money wisely for wave 1. (if any left) I think for sure you should place high in this competition. I strive to put maps with your quality someday.

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Pardoned - - 33 comments

Gratz man. Gonna try this out tomorrow when my rig comes in.

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