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Soon after "something went terribly wrong".... There has been an incident of mass homicide at a modern, victorian-themed hotel downtown. Investigate and find the cause.

ENDERS- - - 14 comments

That map was fun, and interesting! major Kudos! I have mad respect for us 2mb map people! lol...

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arramus - - 206 comments

It's really worth while exploring the hotel as there's a lot more to see than just corridors of rooms. The pool and bar area are my favourites as they look so inviting.

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NoxiousGhoul - - 43 comments

I rated this map an 8 out of 10. I like this map very much and it seemed pretty well polished, though there was one BUG I found. I really liked the theme of the map and it was very well done throughout. I loved the balcony with the little Crossbow sniper perch. I though the pool was a little out of size proportion though. Also I give you credit with the flow of the map, the way you’ve placed the trader it really makes you fight on the move to the next trader location. Though I thought there should have been a few more bodies strewn around the place, seeing as a hotel would probably be a quick “safe spot” for panicked civilians. I really like the map, keep up the great work.
BUG: Fell out of window with cloth over it, this window was in the room that was under constuction with the trader in it. Once outside no specimen have pathing to that outside area. This is clearly a bug which allows you to exit the map.
I’ve attached some screenshots of the “bug” I found.
Outside the Hotel--> I227.photobucket.com

The window I fell out of--> I227.photobucket.com

A door leading inside, but unable to open--> I227.photobucket.com

Outside wall that was see through able to see the room I fell out of--> I227.photobucket.com

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