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The makeshift defences lasted no more than an hour. The lucky ones saved the last bullet for themselves...the unlucky ones were eaten alive. Clones poured out of the Horzine complex onto the streets of London. Situated next door was St. Filths General Hospital. This was no coincidence. Horzine had been secretly farming DNA from patients for the last 18 months. So it's only natural that the clones wanted to 'go home'. The handful of people who escaped spoke of a bloodbath and unspeakable horrors. They say the screams still haunt them. You are tasked to enter St. Filths and extract any survivors you can find. You will rendezvous in the Cafeteria. Good luck men. It's now time to enter the horror that is.....Hospital Horror.

Dragon_fel - - 14 comments

Played this last night. This map has a good layout. the only problem I had with this map was that in about 3 areas my Fps drop waaay down. Other than that, an overall good map. I give it a 7

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gusone - - 2 comments

KF was crying out for a horror map. Not the odd corpse you see lying around in other maps - they might as well not be there. This map gives you the impression there were inhabitants. So what you have here folks is a real in your face balls out horror slasher fest. Add to that new and improved reworked paths and rebalancing of spawns that will test you as a team and keep pushing you back (diggers in be warned) and what you have here folks is a horror fest that we are sure will enhance your KF experience.

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arramus - - 206 comments

This is where classic zombie movies usually end with the horde ruling...and we get to avenge the fest in full focus of the horror they inflicted. Played and thoroughly enjoyed as much as the original.


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THEDDLE - - 14 comments

Another well done map. I love the lay out and the way you used all the horror techniques. You can see why you placed last time. The quality in your work shows. Keep up the good work and good luck.

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EN_Stone - - 3 comments

Amazing work! I have to be honest and say that I was not completely hooked by Filths Cross. This map, however, has moved you to the top of my list of map makers to keep an eye out for.

The immense ammount of details are what sold me to this map. Its not nessecairily the fact that these details were horror based, though that of course didnt hurt. It was that I felt there was a story behind the map. Dead bodies or not (which this map has plenty of), the best maps, in my opinion, are ones that seem to add a plotline to a game that is not plot driven.

This is definitely a map I will be recommending to others.

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JustFilth Author
JustFilth - - 26 comments

Just Updated this addon to latest version

enjoy all


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