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Episode 1 It's Only The Beginning… It’s 2026 and General Fawk needs you to cover up one of the secret research facilities outbreak of zeds. Learn about what was going on down there. How did the Zeds escape? Why are there Zeds in a research facility? Who is in charge of all of this? It's up to you agents to find out.#KF2newgrounds


Gameplay: 4/10
Door open in ways where they block everything, layout is very crude, some of the individual room layouts just suck...

Presentation: 2/10
From the front yard you can see most of the bathroom, no curtains so your neighbors can see you butt naked from the front lawn, and you can see the "secret" bookcase from the front lawn too. Also why does a modern suburb layout consist of 18th century houses? Nothing looks very convincing and the camera in the beginning is fked...
Collectibles are funny tho, this part made me genuinely LOL
"/.../ MY BROTHER IS A TOTAL DORK HE GOT AN A+ IN EVERY CLASS i'm happy to get a C-. HE don't even vape bruh what a joke of a family i got! /.../"

Overall score: 3/10

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