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15:22 - Team Alpha has been sent into the depths of Horzine Industries' private territory to deal with some form of terrorist threat. 18:09 - After arriving at their location we received an S.O.S from Team Alpha's helicopter. 21:55 - Team Bravo arrives to investigate the crash site... Lock N' Load, gentlemen; this may get a bit rough!

avp2501 Author
avp2501 - - 16 comments

4 Months in the making and still i don't concider this complete.

Hope everyone enjoys how far i've managed to make my dream into a reality.

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arramus - - 206 comments

Hidden Facility has grown dramatically since I last played although the compactor doors still remain which I like a lot. There are so many routes to take that you could do a full few waves and still only have explored one section.

The production line in the heart of the map is a particularly nice touch and puts the facility in context.


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