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15:22 - Team Alpha has been sent into the depths of Horzine Industries' private territory to deal with some form of terrorist threat. 18:09 - After arriving at their location we received an S.O.S from Team Alpha's helicopter. 21:55 - Team Bravo arrives to investigate the crash site... Lock N' Load, gentlemen; this may get a bit rough!

arramus - - 206 comments

The KF-HiddenFacility reademe displays a lengthy update list and clearly shows how much time you've spent tweaking and improving. Keep it coming. Those collapsible doors really create an impressive effect as they open and close.

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JustFilth - - 26 comments

Had fun with 25 beta testing this level, on hard it seemed more like suicidal. For a first map this is a good project to put your name too.

Well done trooper.

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vapidboris - - 3 comments

Nice! Fun to play and good atmosphere. 2 things: there was one time the trader location trail led me into a dead end, and the level was sometimes too hazy to see anything.
Other than that, good game!

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avp2501 Author
avp2501 - - 16 comments

The cosmetics and feel have only just been added and so they are nowhere near what they should be. Rush job for the competition.

However the map itself is pretty much complete.

Thanks again filth. i have no doubt we'll be doing it again sometime.

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WonderGamer1978 - - 13 comments

I used to really enjoy this map, but it appears that after one of the recent patches, the trader that ends up being across a bridge is now bugged. The problem is that the bridge extends at the beginning of the trader round, then immediately retracts making it impossible to get to the trader. Going to remove this map from my server until we have a fix for it.

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