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Central London is overrun with specimans, and you and your team have been deployed to the Farmiloe Compound. The main complex should prove useful for supressing the Horde. The sewer is cramped and dark, but has limited access. Drop the .rom in your "steamapps/common/killingfloor/maps" directory.


Many many things wrong with this map.

Alot of statics are out of proportion, for example you have railings that go up to my knee, and stairs with 30+ steps in a 2 foot distance.

There's lots of thin corridor/alley areas where you can only just squeeze in meaning that zombies have no chance in hell of even getting to you.

most rooms you enter only have the one entrance so you are NEVER ever surprized by a zombie attack from behind or the flanks.

You have that underground area which is a nice change of theme but theres only the one entrance again and zombies can only follow a thin narrow passageway to get to you which quite often they get stuck on.

With alot of work this map could be really good but in its present condition i don't think i'd even bother to load it up again.

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Problem in the trader, verifies this please. I adored this map, but with this problem he is difficult to play with somebody, therefore to each 2 waves does not have as to buy nothing!

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