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On this Map you cannot Level your perks Like another Doom2 Maps ^^


you cant level your perks on the current doom2-final map.
its not on the whitelist.
once this is whitelisted then you will be able to level your perks.
this is a redundant map.
did lethalvortex say you could make this?

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what are you talking about??? b4 the lvl up content update, it was white listed ! o_O

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spawnkiller1001 Author

where can I find this mapper?
I do not have to steal this map from them!
I do this only for the community and not for me to make other people's recognition pocket!
I modified it in hope to have it in future in the whitelist!

And a message to lethalvortex: im so sorry i have not quest you to modify it sorry in nexttime i quest for permission from you and other mappers ;-)

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only if you would have read a bit above in the whitelisting topic you would of seen that there were already 2 versions of the first map. 3 is a bit to mutch. & deleteing the lift isnt mutch of a fix since the zombies outside have no way to get inside now. there for it will still be a leveling map. since crawlers have no way to get inside

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This is ********, you didn't even asked the creator of the map?

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