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This is my contest map, made it in like 3 day's due to the lack of time. Well my idea was to create something similar to west london, because I freaking love it, so this is the outcome, I hope you like it. The heavy weather condition's give it a nice horror-like feeling, the map is complely playable in multiplayer and singleplayer.

arramus - - 206 comments

Now that's what I call extreme weather conditions. A torrent of rain and zombies makes for a heavy combination. The underground trader works well as it gives context to something that we only get a tasteful glimpse of from above.

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powerrave - - 2 comments

i took a quick look at the map and also i dont see why the rating is so bad. the map is nicely decorated and rain and fog can really give a nice horrific feeling. i myself haven't found my way around the map yet and it is quite big, but its nice. helps good for sharpshooters.

maybe the size is why people rate it bad, i don't know. maybe those people just suck. anyway, i think this map deserves a good rating.

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