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Desolation is a full-sized Traditional KF2 Map with a Jungle & Outpost theme that happens a couple of weeks before the events of Biolapse. It has been designed to complement the current state of balance of KF2 and HoE while being set in a lore friendly environment. It has several interactable features to keep you entertained and aims to keep each playthrough feeling fresh. Developed for experienced players and tested by experienced players for over half a year, the map offers an official grade polish on visuals, gameplay and optimization. It fully supports all gamemodes that are in the game (Survival with Stand Your Ground, Endless and even optimized for unique playstyles in Versus). Please ignore the .1 before .kfm, the site increments the name for whatever reason when a new version is uploaded. #KF2newgrounds

mrrogersbestneighbor - - 31 comments

Changed my vote from a 7 to a 10 after playing this map with a team on my server on suicidal.
Playing it solo, there are parts of the map that I thought were too linear, that don't have any paths that connect. But they're wide open enough that it doesn't matter.
I also thought the cargo bay was too wide open (and too close to the generator), but the spawns kind of make up for it.
The map is very playable just about anywhere.
Also the hellipad holdout spot is brilliant. I was hoping a husk would blow a teammate off, but our team was too good.

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Markoman_98 - - 34 comments

Gameplay: 10/10
Layout is amazing, interactive shooting range is fun (best time 21 sec or so), good collectibles and I like the generator mechanic (like the one in Tragic Kingdom).

Presentation: 10/10
Looks like an official map, the 300+ custom made assets blend right in and look amazing.

Overall Score: 10/10

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