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This is the Multiplayer Version of KFS-Degeneration!

arramus - - 206 comments

I really hoped the community would have been given a chance to see KF-DegenerationMPV1 a lot earlier for beta testing as it looked to be an epic map in all respects. After play testing for a while I've come across multiple issues that I hope can be addressed before the count down timer ends. At the time of posting there are still 5 hours to go.

The first one is performance. I'm running a medium spec graphics card but am get very low frame rate is many areas. I'm dropping to 11 for some parts. Even on my card (Nvidia 9600GT), I'd have hoped for better than that.

Sticking points. I've got stuck and couldn't move in two areas. The first was after leaving the spawn area. There's is a place with fire and broken concrete that doesn't allow escape. There was also a place along the plane gangplank.

Missing textures or revisions. This area is lacking a door and the sky is could use a tweak.

A few meshes appear to be aligned out of context and could use some tweaking.

The furthest I could get to was here. I'm certainly in need of backup support.

I hope you still have time to review these points and that this map meets with the rules' requirement 'implement all standard Killing Floor gameplay functionality...unless the map implements a custom gametype in code (in which case all gameplay functionality must be implemented to support that custom gametype)'

This is certainly going to be a great map for the 2nd wave once everything's ironed out.

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AJ_Quick - - 1,321 comments

whoever is knocking the score down, stop. this is an awesome map, and a seriously cool accomplishment :)

Kick3r, optimize the fire a little though mate, it will help peoples PCs from explodinating :)

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owubiha - - 10 comments

seriously, i haven't even played HIVE in new KF and you're making a 'sequel' map?
Hive was epic in kfmod. It should have been finished for KF game too.

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KiCk3R Author
KiCk3R - - 5 comments

Can you be a bit more specific guys when posting a vote?
How the hell can your post be helpful putting 1/10?
Fan boy of other maps?

The reason because "Hive" was so "Epic" was the fact that most of the content came from UT2004, and the mod version of KF.

Nothing was custom.

And yet, i make a custom map, on a custom gametype, and get knobheads knocking down the score of this map for no apparent reason.

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Wilex - - 2 comments

Hey KiCk3r Don't sweat the votes man i'm sure it won't have an effect on the results of the contest and im sure any map that does well will get legit votes rather than this competitive vote bombing we've been seeing.

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Zoobird - - 32 comments

True dat.

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