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A dam. Specimens can spawn regularly in the level or be flown in via Helicopter or launched into the level in dro-pods.

ZooeyZooeyZooey - - 18 comments

this is definitely a step in the right direction in comparison to kf-northsea.

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Swift-Brutal-Death - - 12 comments

This looks so good!! Architecture wise it looks like it could be right out of halo. I havent played it but judging from reviews of northsea and what dextronaut says about this one compared to northsea, my guess is, whatever you do next will blow people away. And thanks once again for all your help to me and other people with making maps. You rock!!!

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arramus - - 206 comments

Things I like:

The architecture, lighting, texture selection, custom gameplay elements, and overall scale. These are all very beautifully done.

Things I'm concerned about:

Lack of traders. I'd like to have seen one inside the dam building to force gameplay away from the bridge which is where players tend to congregate.

Overall, it's a very high quality map.


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THEDDLE - - 14 comments

I think the map is just fantastic looking. You did very well. There a couple minor issues you have to work out. You are already aware of them. I agree with Arramus. Game play seems to concentrate on the bridge. Most people will not try to hold up inside since they can camp the bridge. I am not sure more traders would have done the trick. However having to go inside the damn or down the tunnel would have been cool. You are a great mapper. I hope that some day my maps look as good as yours. Keep up the good work and the inspiration for us new guys.

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Luckz - - 12 comments

Spiffy map, especially with the landing pods and helicopters and all.

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MrBlorx - - 11 comments


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