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Terry the candle demon works hard on keeping this place lit. A map set in a strange dimension and part of my Arcane Realms series of maps. #KF2newgrounds


With the name "Concrete Walls" I wasn't expecting much, but this map is really well done. Spacing is perfect, lots of areas to wander and the map itself looks beautiful. I look forward to finding this map on custom servers to play the hell outta it. 10/10 (at least so far, haven't played it much, so unless there are spawn problems, it's 10/10).

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Gameplay: 7/10
Decent layout, but a bit crude/impractical in places.

Presentation: 6/10
Looks like hell (in a spectacular way), there's a bit of lore but it isn't pulled off that well, and some places seem a bit off, or even like they don't really belong in the map.

Overall Score: 6.5/10 (7 on ModDB)

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