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Multiple savage maulings in Central London have led your squad to a building construction site that appears to be the origin of the attacks. Hardened construction workers have been seen running away from the area bearing witness to 'giant vermin built like a brick shit house'. Cordon off the site and contain any possible outbreak.

kingshinobi - - 27 comments

This is a nice map. I like the graffiti art in it. The gameplay is also cool. I only would change or scale the pillar textures but all in all its a nice map with a cool view.

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THEDDLE - - 14 comments

I love this map. My favorite version is the smog version. Since we first started it always felt fun. You made the game play intense and the visuals are outstanding. I love the idea of the zombies coming down from the top. Nothing like seeing the zombies sail through the air to the upper floors. The graffiti art is great. Especially the theddle one. LOL. Keep up the good work. If you ever need a playing partner or tester I will try to be there.

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