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Name: KF-Candlesmoke-Revamp Playable: Yes Whitelisted: Not yet Authors: Fel & Dextronaut Division of work: Fel: Map concept, terrain, geometry(buildings, detail, etc.), Game play(Zed's), Events(some cinematic and interactive), and music Dextronaut: Additional detail, further optimization, wave 4 area Ok so i figured it was about time to bring this map up to current mission map standings. This version is way better, and it flows alot better too. What I did: I del all the gameplay and redid it. Shortened wave 2, split it up into 2 waves. Fixed all the known exploits (unless you know more) Fixed overlay, and redid the skybox No More Fps Issues Yes this map is still by Me and Dextronaut, im just fixing it up to current mission map standards. Gameplay: This map takes around 25-35 minutes to complete. The map is tested on normal and hard mode to ensure balance. Beginner: 1 player Normal: 2-4 players depending on perk/skill level Hard: 5-6 players with level

KF-CandleSmoke-Revamp (Mission Map)
gobbibomb - - 5 comments

mmmh white list now?

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Psycho-Greg - - 3 comments

What does it Mean Whitelisted? sorry im new here :)

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