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Biolapse is a KF2 Biotics Lab themed Holdout/Descent style Map and takes place after the events of Desolation. There are 11 uniquely themed levels and each level will require a different way to approach it - you may find the need for communication and teamwork that previous maps have lacked. #kf2newgrounds

Markoman_98 - - 34 comments

For a descent/holdout type of map it has great layouts, but a very few of them were just a bit too... crude (?) in layout. Considering the limitations of a descent/holdout map it's a bit hard to tell though and it makes up for most of the layouts being solid. (Also probably could've put a total of 20 collectibles rather than 10 but whatever.)

Presentation: 10/10
Looks like an official Horzine Lab themed map, custom made models fit the games art style amazingly. Also subtle meme easter eggs are neat.

Overall Score: 10/10

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