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A large map in a mexican town mysteriously located next to a US controlled hangar.

mrrogersbestneighbor - - 31 comments

This map looks fantastic!
The only issue is zed spawning in certain areas, like the area just outside the chapel. There isn't enough zed spawn points or zeds that spawn close enough, making it too easy of a spot to hold up.
There are other areas where zed spawning seems similarly wonky.
Also the chapel area can have a few more obstacles, it's pretty wide open.
If the spawning was cleaned up I'd give it a 10/10.

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smiffy555 Author
smiffy555 - - 17 comments

thanks for the feedback, i have an update on standby that should improve spawning, im holding out for more issues to reveal themselves before i commit to a new build however

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smiffy555 Author
smiffy555 - - 17 comments


-Edited a handful of existing spawns
-Added new zed spawns around the level, mostly Chapel
-Added shipping container meshes to block lines of sight and make the player area tighter around parts of the level
-Added metal roller to factory to block sight lines slightly
-Added some more detail meshes
-Tweaked paths to hopefully fix some pathing issues
-Fixed a couple of potential exploits

Let me know of any issues please, thanks

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Markoman_98 - - 34 comments

Gameplay: 6/10
Does interesting things with verticality in some segments, but overall is too open in most of the areas and feels way too big. Although the layout isn't too complicated, the huge size can make it hard to learn. Dosh zones seemed fine, OK collectibles.

Presentation: 5/10
Areas around the map are distinctive from each other, but at the cost of clashing themes - there's so many things going on and it seems there's no correlation between those themes... The various themes on your other map, Carillon Hamlet B1 go together a lot better.

Overall Score: 5.5/10 (6 on ModDB)

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