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Sent down to investigate the aquatic understudy where the mutants were created. When something went horribly wrong....

arramus - - 206 comments

I held off playing KF-AquaStudy until the final was released and I'm glad I did so that I could benefit from the polished build with all necessary tweaks. You've just got to love that moody lighting. I particularly like the zombie side entrances as the transition into the gameplay area is smooth and they really make you want to venture through them.

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Kyuketsuki - - 1 comments

This was one of the first maps I played in Killing Floor and even will all the custom maps I've tried this one is still my favorite. The lengthy hallways provide excellent locations to snipe, but even early on the team can quickly get surrounded. Stalkers and crawlers will be despised by the team because the designer provided many spots for them to flank or ambush from above or side rooms, to maximize their potential. All in all great map, but watch your back.

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Dragon_fel Author
Dragon_fel - - 14 comments

Thank you all I hope you enjoy this map. The idea was to see how fast the player can get surrounded. Even though I released this map at the beg of wave 1, its still my fav. (Not comparing to my new project release date about 4 weeks) Have Fun playing and dont die too fast ^^

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Nukeita - - 1 comments

Great map, Great atmosphere, i love the claustrofobic ambient!!

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