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New sprite, sound and voxel replacement for the Penetrator SMG. Features: - completely new animation - new muzzle flash effects - options of changing weapon sights

Ion Ingram
Taamalus - - 46 comments

Excellent work. Many thanks

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SPY-maps - - 2,907 comments

Love it, your weapons look always great. Makes a replay of Ion Fury so much more interesting!


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YijArt Author
YijArt - - 23 comments

Thanks man, likewise your maps are always well thought out and a joy to play!

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YijArt Author
YijArt - - 23 comments

btw I messed up as I was using the public test build and gave no thought to the default game. It's been fixed now.

If running normal Ion Fury (1.02a) then you don’t need to do anything. If running the public test build (1.1 at the time of writing) you’ll need to navigate to the Ion Fury\scripts folder, either delete or change weapons.con to something else, and rename weapons(publicbeta).con to weapons.con.

(Note: the public test build doesn't cause any script errors if running the 1.02a weapons.con, although I wouldn't recommend it as I don't know exactly what changes it will have down the line).

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TommyBowington - - 12 comments

Congratulation for this weapon mod, the model is great ! It's really Badass.
I have a sugestion : As you made several option available for it for the sight, I recommend having this model with a straight aiming version too, not only gangsta on the side. I prefer a regular aiming overall but anyway these Ingrams looks so sharp I am not too mad about the gangsta holding.

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YijArt Author
YijArt - - 23 comments

That is a good idea! I chose the sideways style so the action was clearly visible, and also give some more viewing area for the player. Can't make any promises, but hopefully one day I can come back to this and have the option for her to hold it regularly.

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