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Ok before anyone gets on me about the skin...this model was not made for detail...to be honest this was the second work I ever made...following Inuyasha...however as part of a current project I was attempting to create a method of making a character ghostly without the tacky holo-graphic appearance...and low and behold I happened to be watching tv with my younger brother...when Danny Phantom came on...certainly a childish show...but it did give me an idea...i had messed around and built this character a long time ago...but decided not to release it...but after noticing that in the show the ghosts were distinguished by slight glows and white or green etherial glows....so i thought that perhaps by combining the cell shading model style....and some pulsing white shaders..i could create a ghost like character...while this is certainly cartoony...and gets the point across...which was kind of the intent...so again will the skin is painted..it wasnt really meant for high detail.

Ember McLain
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