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Where it all started - Doom - e1m1 - Hangar. Remixed for quake one deathmatch. Why download yet _another_ e1m1 remix? Just to check out the level of detail - many tweaks make this an awesome map. ** Darkplaces engine ** is a must for the full effects - sky, override texs and music ...

Doom e1m1 quake mix 6.2
nightz - - 29 comments

remind me the nights lost playing doom xD

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VitorHunter - - 691 comments

awesome :D

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RobSis - - 46 comments

excellent! I had lot of fun with this level :) And you didn't forget the secret passage - thumbs up!

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numbersix Author
numbersix - - 2,244 comments

Update (5.25.11) - added in some missing .tga override textures. Also includes support for generations entities which will function with the generations mod when it is released.

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