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This map is not mine, so I do not take credit for it. This is a custom map I found. Please note that this map is still in the beta. The map was created by B.A.Baracus. Thank's for speaking, dude!

CTF Hoops Beta

If you are uploading someone else work then you should at least give credit to the autor...

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AmaroqDricaldari Author

I can't give credit to the author because I don't even know who he is

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Hi, I know this is a late post but I'm the author of this map and I don't mind people helping spread the map around. The credits are in the spawns but a google search for ctf_hoops_beta will lead you to it's GameBanana or TF2Maps page where the credits can be found . Also, be on the lookout for a new version coming in the very near future.

Peace All, Have Fun & Thank You in advance for any and all constructive feedback,
Earl Lewis (A.K.A. B.A.Baracus)

Steam : {A TEAM}B.Å.Baracus

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