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------------- Celestia. ------------- RoboBlitz Map Mike Blackney Pre-release About ~~~~~ This is my first map using all new content. I made all static meshes and textures, so if they're good that's why and if they're terrible that's why! Textures were procedurally generated, hand painted or photo sourced. This is not my final, polished version. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please send them to Installation ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Extract the archive into your RoboBlitz\RoboGame folder. Everything should go where it's supposed to. Running Instructions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Open RBArenaCelestia.rbd with RoboGame.exe by dragging the map file onto the RoboGame executable icon, or using the command prompt, navigate to your RoboBlitz\Binaries directory and type "RoboGame RBArenaCelestia", or double- click the map file and when the 'Open With...' dialog appears, click 'Browse' and navigate to the RoboGame.exe executable. Release...

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