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You find yourself in a old canal full of watros and other disgusting creations of Simon's book. Look's like, suicide - it's the only way out of this situation, but luckily for you this place also full of weapons, so you can give fight back to your enemies.  

Canal - Suicide map v4.0 [Finale]
CryZy - - 1 comments

Very nice Map! The Design is Perfect and The enemy spawners are kinda ok i had difficult moments when simon spawned. Dont play it alone if you dont know how to play the game! play it with friends all in all the map is good and i give it a 9/10

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func_jay - - 41 comments

Great looking map, some pretty impressive visuals and fun gameplay keeping it all together. All in all a fun experience! 10/10 from me.

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zoom63 - - 228 comments

very nice map

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SUN-DOG - - 1 comments

This map is a piece of **** theres barely any space to avoid enemies and with **** RNG you get instant killed by a sawrunner or taller when they spawn ontop of you which is absolutley ********, **** this map.

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