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*WORK IN PROGRESS* You moved to a new home on Elm St. with your family. All seems well until you begin having these dreadful dreams. The children at school have also been having the same dream about a burned man in a red and green shirt named Fred Krueger. Its 4th period History, and guess what... you fell ASLEEP. You awaken in your dream world high inside a huge tower . Fortunately you recently spoke to a Dream Warrior who gave you a tip... anything your carrying when you fall asleep enters or exits the dream world. Lucky for you, you brought daddies gun. GOOD LUCK! -The 1st Nightmare

A Nightmare On Elm St. -The 1st Nightmare
Th3darkfunk - - 52 comments

The default key is F12 on steam, press that ingame and then post the picture here. Otherwise no one will trust your map.

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Scumdog85 Author
Scumdog85 - - 1 comments

I figured out why my pics werent saving and I was having trouble posting. Not going to explain the whole thing... but I figured it out and as you see there is now a in game pic.

When I started this map it was more I was trying out some of the stuff in SDK... I wasnt planning out a NOES map. The design just kinda worked so I used. Please remember this is a work in progress. More meshes and rooms will be added if desired by the community. I like the small map tbh, but others may not. So please feedback. Thank you and hope you enjoy the map!

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WonderGamer1978 - - 13 comments

While I enjoyed this map, there was two problems that made me remove it from my server. First off, the map is a single player map, not multiplayer. You can host it as multiplayer, but people are not able to join it. Secondly, the map appears to be using a model swap. This is not a problem for the map itself, but it is a problem when it carries over to other maps. After the map changed, it continued this behavior on Wave 11 every time. Not sure if the fact that I died on this map before Wave 11 had anything to do with the fact that this continued on other maps.

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