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Hello I want to share those two games found on

Passpartout: A game where you as painter try to survive paying the bills with what you get from painting your canvas.

  • I do not like: Not having interaction with customers.
  • Not having challenges as paint with X colour or do Y geometry.
  • It is not said into the game what price is recommender at first, even if authords do say it is fundamental to start with 30 buckets canvas.
  1. I like: Different clients do want different art
  2. Each one values how many time do you spend painting it, or how much does it cost even what title did you put on it.
  3. Controls are easy just mouse.

Police stories: Decide whether arrest or shoot

  • I do not like: not having a graphic tutorial even if I do think the way which squad orders are implemented is easy to understand because it is imaged based, and are hints about what does E action key; but I would prefer an introductory tutorial.
  • Opponents are quite static, I mean they await for you to enter into the room; except one time during the first match when I found one guy exiting a room by itself without opening it.
  • Objectives are not clear, I mean it should display how many bandits are left.
  1. I like: Enemys are randomly placed.
  2. Decistions are crucial for you and your mate as well as criminals too.
  3. Having a mate to give orders to is great.

Bundle kitt:

  • I do not like: Why is there only a cat in all the game, the main character?
  • I like: Story and the wow moment during the catnip thing.

Huge hopes

Huge hopes

yone Blog
How about next?

How about next?

yone Blog

I got a problem with battlefield single player 1.52 mod. I don't know how to install it. Could you help??

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I found out

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You're one of the most stupidity person, I have ever see in my entire life after you trolling the project that was repeat the same sentences over and over again. I do pity you as your country is being devour by the Rothschild Zionism Bankers that controlled your government. While a lot of people are coming out to fight for their freedom. While you still sitting your own big belly *** at your chair continuing to spamming for nothing. What a sad little boy.


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yone Creator

Oh if you are going to talk about me, talk about me and don´t offend my homeland or anything like that... and definitely you should ask me if my *** is belly or big, or it isn´t?

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Thanks for your feed back on Sovereign, I will consider some of your ideas. :)

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hey man thanks for the info about the first strike mod installation. really appreciate it

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