Side Scroll Studios is led by valcan_s aka Kai Kubicek, who is a Software Developer of 13+ years in industry and a passionate video game enthusiasts of 25+ years. Kai Kubicek is also the creator of Corpses ‘N Souls and the Founder, CEO, President of Side Scroll Studios. Founded in 2014, the Victoria-based studio is centered on unrivalled detail, scale, gameplay and technology. Titles include Corpses ‘N Souls (current).

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Remember to check out my game Corpses 'N Souls on indieDB. Corpses 'N Souls is a massive 2D Metrovania fused with Diablo like ARPG mechanics with massive amounts of detail, progressive ideas and Next Gen 2D HD graphics. Welcome to Corpses ‘N Souls - a game about combat, defense, harvesting, corpses, souls, crafting, spells, abilities, tactics, adventuring, collecting loot, progression, stealth and unique gameplay experiences.

Corpses ‘N Souls is set in a massive, detailed, colorful, vibrant, dark and ghoulish gothic sci-fi world blended with classic Metrovania and ARPG mechanics. Your journey takes place within the E-K planets in the Epsilon quadrant of the Universe where you will choose a species and class to take on the challenges before you.

Become the master of harvesting Corpses and Souls or be one of its victims and be harvested yourself. As the Universe dawns the start of “Soul Revolution” no one’s Corpse and Soul is safe. Only you can choose the fate of your species, be the one to help piece together the “Keys to the Universe” and gain the upper hand in the impending “Soul Wars”.

For more screens and gameplay information a press kit can be found @ Corpses 'N Souls : Press Kit
Also my indie game company can be found @ Side Scroll Studios which contains more information about Corpses 'N Souls as well.

A Corpses 'N Souls gameplay video is in the works and is coming soon.

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Side Scroll Studios

Side Scroll Studios

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SIDE SCROLL STUDIOS is an independent video game studio dedicated to innovation, quality, options, details, fun, and cutting edge technology. SIDE SCROLL...



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