Trese Brothers is a indie game studio formed by two brothers, Cory and Andrew. We are on a mission to make the best strategy and RPG games for any device -- your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. We make complex, highly replayable games and focus on fun mechanics, sprawling open worlds, and deep stories.

We considers support for our gamer community to be one of our top priorities. We are, after all, we are making these games for you! We are excited to provide superior response time, willingness to listen, and excitement at taking your feedback than any other game studio on the market.

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One of the best ways to get familiar with the Heroes of Steel game is to play it today! It's free and its quick to download!

Grab your tablet or phone and hop on your market and give it a try!

iTunes App Store:
Google Play:
Amazon App Store :

You'll find that Heroes is a complex tactics RPG, easy enough to play on the phone but deep enough to want to play on your computer!

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Trese Brothers Games

Trese Brothers Games

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Trese Brothers are two brothers on a mission to make the best


This is one of the best games you can play right now !! I've been playing this on an Android Tablet and it's fantastic... Can't wait for it to finally make it to the PC. Heroes of Steel is a very fun & entertaining game with a great storyline. This game requires you to do some thinking, you can't just charge in hacking & slashing. Having just finished my 1st play thru, I want to say a big Thank You to Cory & Andrew Trese for such an incredible experience. There is a good amount of territory to explore and on my 2nd play thru I did a lot more exploring in Red Hill (the castle & dungeons you escape from) this time before I left. I just bolted out of there the first time, a credit to the great storyline & sense of urgency you made us feel. Episode One has an amazingly huge amount of territory to explore. There are a lot of little details, twist & turns, & surprises that are thrown at you. If you get stuck or need help / have a question the forums are a great place to get answers. Either from other members or from Cory & Andrew themselves. Even tho I'm on my 2nd play thru it still feels like a brand new game !! I'm using different talents for most of my group, except Tamilin - The Thief. I like her stealth & archery skills the way they are & I have a cool new addition to my group Vincent - The Sorcerer replacing my wizard. Vincent has been fun to play so far, and coming one of my favorites, it's cool to watch his Lightning Spear hit multiple people. The biggest thing is getting use to using a shorter ranger, 4 instead of 6. But I'm loving him so far :)

Android & iOS games are fantastic & I'm sure the PC game will be excellent too.

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