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Scale of a project is often the weakest point in a game's development. The game I have in mind to create is no different. Battleline is a Collectable Card Game (CCG) with nearly 500 cards alone scale is a large factor in the amount of time it will take to rocket the game from a design document to a product lighting up screens. Therefore, to allow the public to get a taste of the game companies create demos and vertical slices. I have decided to create a demo in hopes that the limited scope would grant me the opportunity to complete a minor project and a peak into the possibilities of the full game.

After talking to a few people a rough draft of boundaries on a demo emerged. There are 7 planned playable Flagship Captains along with 4 battlefields, and approximately 500 cards. All of this leads to a laundry list of 800 art assets that need to be created and displayed. However, a demo would not need to include everything found in the final game. The goal of the demo would be to display the gameplay mechanics and generate interest into more content. With this in mind I have decided to create a demo of Battleline that showcases two of the Flagship Captains, two enemy AIs, one battlefield and around 90 cards.

Portas Aurora: Battleline Demo:

  • 2 Flagship Captains
  • 2 Enemy AI Settings
  • 1 Battlefield
  • 90 Cards

There has been some debate on whether the opponent for the player need to be their own individual captains or is it okay to just use the non selected Flagship captain as the enemy.

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