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Aberration review!

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Aberration is a pretty good mod that needs a lot of work. I will review this mod by going through all 3 of the chapters and expressing my opinion on the mod as i go. IE: essay format.

Chapter 1: Immediately upon starting the mod i was instantly impressed with the mods fantastic music (courtesy of bx) and I think its probably one of the best things about the mod.

One thing that i definitely found jarring as BX noted was the fact that the game just throws you into it without any explanation. By examining the description i assumed that the game would start the game with a scene in which our character would "wake up" or perhaps a scene showing how the character got into this situation, but no they just throw us in front of a door with no explanation. And in fact there is essentially zero story line in the mod except for some cryptic messages you find written on the walls at the start.

This is the part in which I thought the game was scary because the game is kinda subtle with it. Yes there are some jump scares but i found them done quiet well (I really liked the stairwell one) but part of what made the start so good was the subtle horror it used to build up to the "BOO!" parts. for instance they make you break through some boards and go into a very dark room in order to open the door at the very end and you think there will be something behind it but there is nothing there except for a dead end. But then you can just hear a door opening in the room you came from thus making you paranoid that something is inside the room behind you waiting for you....but there is nothing there. You walk through the now opened door and you can hear footsteps in the room with you.

There was also some great mind fuck moments like the white door at the end of the hallway in chapter 1 (if you have played the mod you KNOW what I'm talking about.)

And to amplify this all the game features great mapping and lighting that really serves to enhance the atmosphere and actiony (not a word) bits in terms of game play.

And it was this subtle build up and atmosphere that was part of what made me like the game despite its flaws.

Chapter 2: Aberration features very similar styled pacing to F.E.A.R which is scary bits broken up by intense fire fights and since chapter 2 features the most combat i thought i would talk about it here. In the previous chapter you get a small bit of fire fighting at the end but pretty much the entirety of chapter 2 is fire fighting and like I said the mapping is so good that this makes fire fights really satisfying and the chapter throws a variety of different combat situations at you thus keeping the mod feeling fresh and exciting!

One thing of note is the excellent custom guns that are in the game however i was honestly let down that there were only two of them. The model for the rebels hand however was pretty bad when you get a good look at it. Sure you don't see much of it with some of the guns but take out the TMP and look at it in the light and the hands are really blocky and ugly looking (probably to do with as I realized the fact that it was a simple re skin of the HEV suit hands.

Chapter 3: This was the chapter that i actually kind of disliked it seems in this chapter that the subtle horror was gone and replaced with some BOO! moments almost all of them except for one that i can recall all being shameless copy's of nightmare house 2 scares. More then that unlike the scares featured in chapter 1 there seems to be no context to these scares at all. In the first chapter from the writing on the wall and etc it gives the feeling that this all has to do with a mystery involving our protagonist but the scares in chapter 3 just felt like they were put there just to be scary which they weren't once you realized that they were copying nightmare house 2.

And then after all these copied scares and one minor fire fight the game simply ends at a "to be continued" screen with us knowing NOTHING about the plot besides the description on the mod page and some cryptic messages at the start. The mapping and lighting is still really good in this chapter but everything else seemed to slip at this point.

All in all Aberration is worth a play through for the mapping lighting music and interesting firefights but does need some work. I think that perhaps the guy who made this mod used the first part to maybe get some more support in making the mod IE:more team members and I think that is a good thing seeing as this mod DOES have potential from what I have seen.


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hey dude u can tell me how to download afraid of monsters plz?? im a noob

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Hey I saw that you played the mod "return" and I have a question.. I installed the mod and then tried playing it through steam but it opened Half life 2 episode 2 instead.. Is there something I did wrong?

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