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Graduate from Westwood college with a bachelors in Game art and Design. Indie game developer. Designer of the game "Ronnie"

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Ronnie the game

ScottBullock Blog

“Ronnie”, a first person psychological horror game based around an 8 year old run away who gets abducted by a Carnival of Souls. After disappearing for thirty years Ronnie wakes up in an Insane Asylum now suffering from delusions, multiple personalities and hallucinations . This game will constantly leave you questioning your own sanity as you strive to regain lost pieces of your soul. The question remains are you insane or is this all really happening.

The challenge of the game is to win your soul back in order to eradicate your past and to stop the nightmares from coming.
Play the game and unfold the story, follow Ronnie on his road to redemption, unlock the secrets from the past, find out who you are, and what you have done.

In level one the maze , your character starts out at the age of 8.
Level 2 and up you are grown up, but with the mind of and eight year old. This is why from your point of view everything looks bigger than it is. Along the way you will encounter zombies, demons, and even Mom and Dad. All of which will try and stop you from getting the pieces of your soul back. Sounds crazy?

It is.

My game is currently in the development stage and I would appreciate feedback .
This is my first Indie game and it is done all by me.

ScottBullock Creator

Ronnie level 2 game trailer. You can also follow me on Steam Greenlight.

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New updates to level one are almost complete . Working on the programming this weekend.

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Taken on a big job for one of my levels in Ronnie the Awakening. Will post pics when it's done.

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