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Artists located Anywhere.

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Hello everyone,

My name is Izaya, an emerging indie game developer and one of the founders of FinalPath Development™.

* About FinalPath™ *

FinalPath Development™ is a small group of developers who's goal is to make independent (indie) games for the community and ourselves to play and enjoy, improving our own skills every step of the way.
FinalPath™ has no studio, instead members are located all around the world and communicate via email, Skype, IndieDB, ModDB, GameJolt, and Steam (more methods of reaching out to be added soon); we are never without quick and easy communication.
More details about our group can be found on our group page.

* About the Project *

I am developing a game called Apollus on Unity 5.
Apollus is an open world RPG game set in a lost medieval era. The story follows Ark, a young teenage girl with a fondness for fire, as she journeys through the land of Othion on a quest to stop an evil mage: Solomon Thomas.

* Roles *

Currently I am looking for volunteers or future team members to help me in the development of Apollus.
Here are the roles I am looking for:

- 3D Modeler
- Animator
- Concept Artist

As a 3D Modeler, you'll be working on all models the game will be using, such as character models and in game item models. The models must be complete (colored, textured, and rigged if necessary).

As an Animator, you'll be taking any created models/items and making animations for them to be used in the game.

As a Concept Artist you'll be making numerous amounts of concept art and will be in charge of all art created for the game. You'll be creating all sorts of art from what characters, items and scenery may look like to the game logo.

* Skills and Experience *

To apply for any role listed above, you must:

(for 3D Modeler)
- Have previous experience 3D modeling
- Be able to provide an example of your work
- Have a positive attitude
- Must have a quick and easy way of contacting you

(for Animator)
- Have previous experience animating
- Be able to provide an example of your animations
- Have previous experience with Unity (optional)
- Be able to work well with others
- Must have a quick and easy way of contacting you

(for Concept Artist)
- Have previous experience making concept/general art
- Be able to provide an example of your art work
- Be able to work well with others
- Must have a quick and easy way of contacting you

* Payment *

Volunteers and future members of FinalPath Development will not be payed for their work, however if the game makes a fair amount of profit (or the community enjoys the game and Kickstarter/Pateron events are successful) the share will be split among everyone in FinalPath.

To Apply

If you're interested in anything listed above or have any questions, please contact me at:

You can also send me a PM (private message) on IndieDB, ModDB, or Gamejolt.
I am eager to start working with you. :)

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