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Early alpha prototype for the Die And Retry game mode released, please check it out!

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Hello everyone!

As some of you may already know, the 7 Days FPS game jam took place during last week.

For the game jam, we have decided to create a new game mode for Warcry: Extermination, the old school sci-fi FPS we are developing at Dream Powered Games.

The new game mode is called "Die And Retry" and will features fast paced short levels, full of traps and platform phases!

You can download the prototype we have made here (V2, 2 small bugs fixed): Mega.co.nz

To run the game, run "game.exe". You can also configure the video optionsby launching "configurator.exe" or directly in game the options menu. You will also be able to edit the control keys there.

Please note that the game is not finished this is just an early alpha prototype: feedbacks are lacking, the GUI and HUD are still full of programmer art and some of the models and textures are still work in progress.

Sometimes the online scores doesn't work, but it's because the mysql database is on a shared server, can't do much about it for now unfortunately :/

About the Gameplay

The character is quite fast and mastering the character controller will take you a bit of time, especially in rather small place like the corridor of level2.

There is a learning curve, but once you have mastered it, you will see that the character controller is very precise and you can do "perfect" runs almost everytime.

The biggest advice would be that you shouldn't strafe while doing a bunny or after a jump if you want to change direction quiclky. In order to do it, use mouse instead. Always aim where you want to go to and you will see, your skill will get improved and you will not end up in the walls or in the flamethrowers anymore :D

Also, please check the video, you will see the type of movements you need to make for a perfect run!

While the first level is relatively easy to complete in "perfect" mode, the second one is really more hardcore, but doable, so good luck !


As the game is using a forward rendering pipeline for now, you will need a pretty good computer to run it with the lights turnet on. We have also included "No lights" version of the maps that should run on any computer, but graphically they don't do justice to the game!

We still hope you will enjoy your run!

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